Terms of Use

List of rules to respect

General rules

You agree to respect the following rules of good conduct on the Discord server and in the transaction rooms on the platform :

  • Offensive / insulting / sexual comments are prohibited.
  • Homophobic and racist comments are prohibited.
  • Debates on sensitive topics such as politics/religion are not allowed.
  • NSFW content are not allowed.
  • Photos, gifs, external links, etc... are automatically deleted for the sake of moderation.
  • It is forbidden to publish any links / advertisements that are not related to Dofups.fr or one of its partners.
  • All requests (passages, purchases) / sales proposals made on the Discord are prohibited.
  • Trade in Dragoturkey PL, Alignment PL, Item Miscellaneous is prohibited.
  • Promoting/requesting inter-server buying/selling/exchanging of kamas, rare skins, guilds is prohibited and will trigger an immediate ban.
  • In order to guarantee the safety of our users, you agree to use only the chat rooms made available by Dofups for the fulfillment of your orders.
  • Discord ID sharing is strictly prohibited. If an identifier is sent in a transaction room, this leads to the cancellation of the order.
  • We remind you that the Dofus rules also apply to our site. - accéder aux C.G.U. de Dofus en cliquant ici.
  • Account sharing is strictly prohibited on the platform.
  • In case of dispute, please contact the Dofups.fr team via the support.

Sellers rules

As a seller, you agree to respect the following rules of good conduct regarding your offers :

  • It is forbidden to announce a lower price than another seller for the same offer.
  • It is forbidden to create an offer whose price is the price of a fight only PL or the drop of a single resource / the realization of a single floor Infinite Dreams. Only packs are accepted.
  • It is forbidden to advertise offers that you cannot meet.
  • It is forbidden to activate your Almanax discounts outside the Almanax periods.
  • Sellers are prohibited from boosting their sales figure through fictitious orders.
  • The seller is prohibited from boosting the number of orders made in order to obtain advantages. Example: Mention Top Seller
  • It is mandatory to leave feedback at the end of a sale. seller only
  • It is forbidden to offer a dungeon passage service at a price higher than what is advertised on the site.
  • It is mandatory to serve the orders of its customers.
  • Il est obligatoire d'attendre la présence d'un middleman si ce dernier est obligatoire.
  • L'utilisation de logiciels tiers, tels que TeamViewer / AnyDesk est strictement interdit sur la plateforme.

Customers rules

As a customer on the platform, you agree to respect the following rules of good conduct :

  • It is forbidden to place several orders with different sellers to get a faster response.
  • For all orders, payment must be made before delivery.
  • It is mandatory to leave feedback at the end of a purchase.
  • At the time of the order, the buyer can request the presence of an Middleman in order to secure the transaction. He is a member of the Dofups.fr team. This service involves a fee of 5% of the transaction amount.

List of sanctions that can be taken by the Dofups.fr team

Le mute

The mute is applied by the moderators on the Discord server in the event that a user does not respect the prohibition to post a request or an offer directly on the Discord server. Its duration varies between 1 hour and 7 days depending on the nature of the offence.

The warning

In some cases, moderators may be required to give users a warning based on the alleged fact(s). A warning cannot be withdrawn. In the event of non-compliance with several warnings, additional sanctions will be taken by the Dofups.fr team.

L'exclusion temporaire

Dans certains cas, les modérateurs peuvent être amenés à exclure temporairement un utilisateur en cas de manquement aux C.G.U. C'est-à-dire, vous priver de l'utilisation complète du site durant une période allant de quelques heures à plusieurs jours. Les commandes déjà en cours pourrons être terminées.


In the event of repeated breaches of the ToS and after warnings from the moderators, the Dofups.fr team may have to revoke your roles. That is to say, remove you from the list of sellers, smugglers, dreamers or smithmages. This sanction is not revocable.

The ban

The user's Dofups.fr account is permanently closed without the possibility of going back. This sanction is generally taken in the event of a serious breach of these ToS or in the event that the user offers services on the platform and/or on the Discord server that go against our ToS or those of Dofus.